Professional Development

  • All professional staff new to Oberlin and professional staff with licenses issued in 2014 need to write a new IPDP.
  • All professional staff must have a SAFE account for online licensure application when renewing your license.
  • OPDC IRN #013636 - needed for the online application process.

Committee Members

Lauri Brua

Prospect Liaison & Chair

Prospect Elementary School

Extension 2201

Jim Eibel

Board Liaison & File

Oberlin Board of Education

Extension 4559

Lisa Thacker

Langston Liaison & Recorder

Langston Middle School

Extension 3312

Michael Scott

Langston Liaison & File

Langston Middle School

Extension 4651

Chris Frank

Prospect Liaison & Copier

Prospect Elementary School

Extension 4652

Marlee Wobser

OHS Liaison & Copier

Oberlin High School

Extension 5402

Kathy Hilton

Eastwood Liaison and Database Manager

Eastwood Elementary School

Extension 1197