A white structural beam sits outside the new Oberlin City Schools elementary school where community members, staff, alumni and others could sign either their name or write a positive phrase.

Melissa Linebrink

Marketing and Communications Consultant

Oberlin City Schools

(440) 774-1458, ext. 4608


OBERLIN -- As the finishing touches are taking place on the new Oberlin City Schools elementary building, the District is asking for current students, community members, alumni and even retired employees, to venture over to North Pleasant Street to sign a white steel beam that will then be erected on Nov. 12.

The idea to sign the steel beam stemmed from a conversation Superintendent Dr. David Hall had with Greenspace Construction.

“After discussing our options with Greenspace Construction, it was brought to my attention that other schools have had community members, alumni and even retired employees leave behind a positive message on a steel beam. It’s almost like a time capsule of positivity,” Dr. Hall said.

The white steel beam will be available for signing starting on Wednesday, Nov. 4 through Friday, Nov. 6 between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. After 4 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 6, the beam will be removed from the public eye until it’s erected into the building on Thursday, Nov. 12, according to Greenspace Construction Project Manager Mr. Richard Dopatka.

Those who wish to leave behind a message of positivity may do so during the day. However, there is to be no profanity written on the steel beam. The steel beam will be kept under surveillance and is part of District property. To leave a signature or positive message, signers are asked to use a permanent marker only. No spray paint.

“It’s important to leave behind a legacy for our future generations,” Dr. Hall said. “And with the way 2020 has affected all of us, it is equally important that we remain positive. That’s why we are creating this time capsule of positivity.”

Oberlin City Schools is in the process of being consolidated into a single campus on Pleasant Street where the Oberlin High School is currently located. The next phase of construction will be a new building for grades 6 to 12, which will adjoin the new, currently unnamed, elementary school. The construction of the new elementary school is one of several in Lorain County that has been or will be constructed by Greenspace Construction. To view the progress of the facility, visit