OCS Receives 1 Million Dollar Grant From Ohio Department Of Education

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OCS receives $1M grant from the Ohio Department of Education

OBERLIN -- Oberlin City Schools has been selected for the Comprehensive State Literacy Development Grant from the Ohio Department of Education. The approved grant is for $1,050,000 which will allow for the District to improve the language and literacy development of the students who attend Eastwood and Prospect elementary schools. The grant proposal was co-written by Oberlin City Schools Director of Curriculum William Baylis and Title I Teachers Cheryl Lawrie, Candace Gooch and Terri Borroni.

“The four-year subgrant will focus on developing model comprehensive literacy sites in early childhood education programs,” Mr. Baylis said. “Funds received from the grant will allow our teachers to focus on the science of reading and the different ways students can learn to read. Teachers from Eastwood and Prospect elementary schools will engage in professional learning under the guidance of literacy coaches.”

The model sites will concentrate on implementing practices consistent with Ohio’s plan to raise literacy achievement in students from kindergarten through fifth grade. Additionally, the partnership between the model sites and the Ohio Department of Education will allow early childhood education programs, districts, schools and families to improve student literacy and increase educational options available to students who have been traditionally underserved.

“This is an absolute game-changer for Oberlin City Schools because the subgrant provides funding now through June 30, 2024. That is four years of increased literacy programming for our students at the elementary level. It is paramount for our District to effectively increase literacy at an early age; and this grant will allow for us to engage our students immediately this academic year,” Mr. Baylis said.

Oberlin City Schools is the only public school district in Lorain County to receive the Comprehensive State Literacy Development Grant subgrant from the Ohio Department of Education.