Press Release: Graduates Earn Oberlin Rotary Scholarships

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Graduates Earn Oberlin Rotary Scholarships

OBERLIN -- Three Oberlin High School 2020 graduates were the recipients of Oberlin Rotary Scholarships. Nathan Hogg, Giles Harrell and Aaron Hopkins were each awarded different scholarships through the Oberlin Rotary Club.

Oberlin Rotarian and Oberlin High School teacher Mrs. Donna Shurr said she was pleased with the selection process.

“These young men have proven through their dedication to their studies, extra-curricular and commitment to making sure their senior year was successful. I am confident that they will excel further with their education,” Mrs. Shurr said.

Nathan Hogg was the recipient of the Frank C. Locke Scholarship.

Aaron Hopkins was awarded the STRIVE Scholarship.

Nathan Hogg won the Frank C. Locke Scholarship, which is $2,500 renewable for three years. The scholarship is available to all schools the Oberlin Rotary Club supports, including Oberlin, Keystone and Firelands districts. The scholarship has been granted since 1986.

“The scholarship committee independently reviews the applications and then meets together to choose the one winner. This year, there were approximately 12 other applications for the Frank C. Locke Scholarship,” Oberlin Rotarian and Administrator of the Welcome Nursing Home Ms. Jill Herron said.

Giles Harrell and Aaron Hopkins were the recipients of the STRIVE Scholarships. Giles Harrell was the first place winner, receiving $1,000 from the John D. Cole Scholarship and Aaron Hopkins placed second, earning $750 through the Tom Gilliand Scholarship.

“For the STRIVE Scholarships, students compete against themselves in four areas: grades, attendance, attitude and participation. The two that show the most improvement in these areas from the beginning of their senior year to the end are the winners of the scholarships. Both Giles and Aaron were great participants in the STRIVE program and showed tremendous improvement,” Ms. Herron said.

Ms. Herron said announcing the winners of scholarships from the Oberlin Rotary is “thrilling” because the students are eagerly looking forward to their academic growth and new college experiences.

“Over the many years we have been granting scholarships, the students have been so grateful for the financial assistance. Our scholarship programs have been a wonderful way to support our young people and introduce them to Rotary,” Ms. Herron said.

The Oberlin Rotary Club grants several scholarships to deserving students in local school districts. For more information, please visit