Curriculum Review

Public Comment Request - Curricular Materials for English Language Art

Oberlin’s Office of Curriculum is seeking community review and comment on our upcoming adoption of Amplify’s Core Knowledge Language Arts (CKLA) for grades K-5 beginning fall of 2021:

A team of Oberlin’s Educators from Kindergarten through High School evaluated four different evidence-based literacy curriculum options. This team was facilitated by our Literacy Coach from the ESC in evaluating each curriculum for alignment with the Science of Reading. The use of the Colorado Department of Education Rubric and IES Rubric for evaluating reading/language arts instructional tools helped them analyze curriculum at length. After narrowing it down to two final options, the team returned to their buildings to review more deeply, share with teammates, and return with questions for the vendors of each. Then we met with vendors to hear their pitch and ask specific questions based on our analysis of their program. Finally, we reviewed all rubrics and selected the curriculum that aligned with evidence-based practices that support the science of how we learn to read.

We invite all stakeholders to preview these instructional materials using the links below. Final approval will be requested at the Board meeting scheduled for Tuesday, June 25.

To access Oberlin's Amplify Demo Acct:

-Go to and select "Log in with Amplify".

- Teacher UserName:

- Teacher Password: Amplify1-oberlin

After reviewing the materials, please fill out this comment form. We appreciate your feedback!

Additional information:

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