Hybrid Learning Parent Survey

Dear Oberlin City Schools Family,

As we near the end of the first quarter, it is important to know and understand that we at Oberlin City Schools continue to be the education and safety of our students first. The Oberlin Board of Education met on Oct. 17, 2020, and passed a resolution to engage in Level II - Hybrid Instructional Model for the second quarter of the 2020-2021 school year. Since then, District staff met on Oct. 23, 2020, to begin developing a flexible Hybrid Model Plan, which will consist of both onsite and e-Learning instruction. Throughout the past month, our staff has done a great job in planning and creating innovative lessons; and I would like to commend our staff, parents, and students for a continued job well done.

Upon discussion, the District has developed a tentative safe and slow Level II - Hybrid Instructional Model opening of school on Monday, Nov. 30. While we understand and acknowledge that Level III - E-Learning has been very successful for many of our students in grades K-12, we have a sizable percentage of students who need additional academic and social/emotional support. Some of our assessment data has illustrated that the seven months of no onsite instruction have created some academic challenges for students in the areas of Math and Reading. These challenges have impacted our achievement gap, and we need to focus on engaging our students and helping them with their education.

For Oberlin City Schools Level II - Hybrid Instructional Model, students in grades 3-12 will engage in e-Learning for four days a week and attend school onsite for one day. During the one-day-a-week onsite instruction, students will engage in lessons, receive academic support, see a counselor and/or support services if needed, and have an opportunity to participate in afterschool tutoring. We will offer some clubs and after-school activities for students.

Students in grades K-2 will attend school three days a week and participate in e-Learning for two days a week (Onsite days include Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday). Preschool students will attend school four days a week.

With that being said, families will still have the option of allowing Level III - E-Learning Model for five days a week, thus opting out of Level II - Hybrid. However, we will need to know if you are considering staying remote and not attending onsite. The District will distribute an informational survey on Friday, Oct. 30, 2020. Please complete the survey by Friday, Nov. 6: https://forms.gle/qYzhsGScgRmfJHaz7.

We would like the community to know that safety is a priority. We are continually monitoring the impact COVID-19 has within Lorain County. We gather information from the Lorain County Public Health Department, Ohio Department of Health, Oberlin College, and CDC. Please note: The District could remain at Level III based on recommendations and information from these agencies at any given time.

Thank you once again, Oberlin School Families, for your continued support during these difficult and challenging times.


Dr. David Hall