Extended Hybrid Model Update

Dear Oberlin School Families:

The administration has been working diligently on the learning model for the fourth quarter of the 2020-2021 school year. While the school year has been anything but “normal,” I am so proud of the hard work and dedication brought forth by the administrators, staff, and, of course, parents and students.

Extended Hybrid Model Update

Oberlin City School staff received the first dose of the COVID-19 Moderna vaccine on Friday, Feb. 26. Staff is scheduled to receive the second dose on Friday, March 26. The Lorain County Health Department is arranging vaccination make-up times and locations for staff missing the first dose.

Extended Hybrid Survey Results

Based on the District’s extended learning survey results, we will offer an opportunity for onsite students to attend school four days a week Tuesday to Friday in grades K-12. Monday is a remote learning day for all students. Monday’s remote instructional format will look different depending on each school. Staff is expected to have remote face-to-face contact with students on Monday. We will begin the extended Hybrid Model on Tuesday, April 6.

However, parents will continue to have the option of e-Learning for the remainder of the school year.

Percentage of students who have selected onsite instruction for the extended hybrid model.

  • 83% Eastwood Elementary

  • 81% Prospect Elementary

  • 70% Langston Middle School

  • 63% Oberlin High School

We will have over half of our students returning for onsite instruction in April.

The District will implement Level II: Extended Hybrid Learning Model while still maintaining the Lorain County Health Department safety guidelines: social distancing, wearing masks, plexiglass, and washing hands. These are the same guidelines currently in place for our current hybrid two days a week onsite instructional model.

Please visit www.oberlinschools.net to view the Level II: Extended Hybrid Learning Model, as well as the Level III: e-Learning Model. For more specific information please contact your building administrator.

The district will offer the Boys and Girls Club Virtual Learning Center on Mondays to support families. They will operate during the same times.

I know this has been challenging for many of our students, parents, and staff. We appreciate your support. The District is planning on offering summer learning activities for students in June. We are working with our staff and several agencies to ensure our students engage in educational programming during the summer months.


Dr. David Hall