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Technology Resources

If your student or students are in need of internet access, please complete the form below. If your student or students are in need of laptops, the district will hold a distribution event at Langston Middle School, in the Cafeteria, on August 26th, 27th, and 28th, between the hours of 9am-noon and 2pm-5pm. If you are unable to attend on one of these dates, please contact Steve Nielsen at 440-776-4699 or to make alternative arrangements.

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08/25/2020 Update

Dear Oberlin School Community:

I hope our school community is doing well and staying safe. I would like to provide you with a few updates on our opening progress.

The District will engage in Professional Development this week for all staff members.

Staff will participate in:

  • IB inquiry-based learning remotely

  • Zoom Meet

  • Modeling Effective Online Teaching

  • Health updates from the Lorain County Health Department

  • Review the Distance Learning Playbook by Douglas Fisher

  • Engage in new online digital Social Studies resources

  • Meeting students’ social/emotional needs in challenging times

  • Writing IEP

  • Engaging in Virtual Restorative Circles

  • Completing Restorative Practices training for support staff, and many other resources to enhance lessons.

We want all of our students to be successful during our e-Learning experience this Fall. We know that we will need your support as our educational partner. Therefore, we have developed Parent/Student Remote Learning Workshops during the week of August 31 to September 4. The workshops will provide parents with information on how to access some of the programs used in the Fall. The District will record all of the workshop lessons and post on our Remote Learning website link.

August 31: Introduction to Zoom

September 1: Google Classroom/Accommodations Online

September 2: Remind Messaging/Powerschool for Grades 6 to 12

September 3: “I Ready” - Grades 1 to 8

September 4: Question and Answer Session

Visit for additional times and details.

Many of our new cleaning supplies and safety signage have arrived. All schools will have extra protective masks, touchless hand sanitizing stations, Lysol wipes, forehead digital thermometers, face shields, and safety signage placed throughout the school and outside. Our staff has been working very hard to clean and sanitize all rooms in the school. Once a room has been sanitized, they will mark the room with red tape. All staff has been instructed to follow safety guidelines: wear a mask, practice social distancing, and wash hands frequently while in the building.

Sanitizer Stations

The District technology department has already been contacting parents regarding Internet access. We will distribute computers to families on August 26/ 27/ 28 from Langston Middle School Cafeteria. You will need identification to pick up a computer. Our website will have additional times and details -

If you are in need of the Internet or technology, please contact Mr. Steve Nielsen at

We will provide our school community with the meal distribution times and location plan this week. Students will have an opportunity to pick up breakfast and lunch. Additional information will come out this week. We are currently working with a local agency to distribute dinner information.

Oberlin High School and Langston Middle School would like to have students return any textbooks used in the Spring during the week of August 25 - August 28 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. You can drop them off in a bin outside of the school. Please follow safety guidelines: wear a mask and stay 6-feet apart when going to the schools.

Once again, thank you for your continued support during these challenging times. And remember: We are Oberlin and we are all in this together!


Dr. David Hall


08/15/2020 Update

Dear Oberlin School Community:

The school year will soon be starting! Everyone has been working very hard to get ready for September 8.

Our teachers will begin reporting on August 21 to work in classrooms. They will engage in Professional Development from August 24 to September 4. The Professional Development will include sessions from the Lorain County Public Health Department on COVID-19, Digital Assessments, Zoom, Screencastify, Google Classroom, Powerschool, Kami and other resources. The goal is to make the e-Learning experience challenging, engaging and innovative for students.

The district will have Virtual Parent and Student Workshops on these resources during the week of September 1 – 4. Exact times will be announced shortly.

During e-Learning, we will provide meals for students receiving Free and Reduced lunch. This school year, ALL Eastwood Elementary students are eligible for FREE breakfast and lunch. Unfortunately, Prospect Elementary did not qualify for the program for the 2020-2021 school year. We are currently developing pick up locations and times for parents. Meals will begin on September 8. The District will create various locations in the city to distribute meals for families.

The District is working with the Boys and Girls Club to create a Virtual Learning Center for students. The Center will have limited space, so please complete your application as soon as possible. Applications will go out on Tuesday, August 18. The Virtual Learning Center will provide breakfast and lunch for students and educational space to complete virtual assignments. The Center will tentatively operate during the hours of 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. The Boys and Girls Club will utilize a few rooms at Eastwood Elementary for the Virtual Learning Center. The Virtual Learning Center will tentatively start on September 8.

Oberlin City Schools have provided a few important upcoming events in August and September. Please visit the district website for additional upcoming events - .

Oberlin City Schools are committed to making this new learning experience successful. The safety, health and well-being of our students are our number one priority; and we thank you for your continued support during these challenging times.


Dr. David Hall


Remote Learning Calendar & Hours

School Calendar Update

08/07/2020 Update

The district will begin providing e-learning information next week. Please visit the website for updates.

We understand the academic and social challenges of remote learning in our families. Unfortunately, Oberlin City Schools cannot provide childcare services or programs of this type directly for our families. However, we are collaborating with an outside agency to offer K-5 onsite programming from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm for students. The agency will provide educational learning spaces for students to engage in e-learning participation, fun outside activities, and tutorial support for students. The agency will follow all LCHDP guidelines. They are currently in the process of developing the program and seeking funding. We hope that this will provide some support for our families. Additional details are coming.

The district will provide specialized services for students with Individualized Education Plans while at Level III. Our Pupil Services department is in the process of contacting parents to discuss appropriate accommodations. These accommodations will look different based on each student.

Oberlin City Schools will engage in 100% e-learning for students in grades PreK-12. We will not distribute any educational packets while we are practicing e-learning. Our technology department will provide computers and the Internet to families without service. We will ensure that all of our families will have equitable access.

Dr. David Hall

I hope everyone has been safe and healthy. The district has been preparing for Level III, e-learning for students in grades K-12, utilizing Google Classroom, Zoom, and other online resources. We are confident that the remote learning experience will not resemble the Spring. Our administrative team returned to work this week and have already met to start working on the following items:

· Developing a Virtual Education Handbook

· Attendance Procedures

· Met with teachers to begin discussing schedules

· Grading expectations for staff and students

· Developing a clear timeline of events from August to September

· Technology distribution dates and times

· Establishing student material pick-up dates and times

· Teacher Professional Development

· Parent and Student Program Workshops

· Distribution of meals

· Oberlin College virtual and community tutorial opportunities

· Developing an e-learning link on the website with resources

· Providing staff with training and educational resources

e-Learning Q&A Zoom Session

COVID-19 7-16 update

Reset & Restart Questions and Answers

Oberlin City Schools will answer questions submitted online regarding the opening of school for the 2020-2021 school year. We will update our Questions and Answers section weekly.

Updated: 7/19/2020

1. Will the district be running all 3 plans (Onsite, Blended Learning and Remote) simultaneously, and families choose an option? Or is the district developing plans for all 3, and will determine which plan is in effect at the beginning of the year based on the current risk level and change to a different option if the risk level goes up or down?

No, the district will select which plan or combination of plans to utilize for students for the 2020-2021 school year. The district has developed a e-Learning Option for parents if the plan selected is not adequate for you.

Yes, the district will move plans based on the Health Department recommendations, Governor mandates, and the impact of COVID-19 on the county. We have to be ready to implement all three plans at a moment’s notice. This will require students, staff, and parents become aware of all three plans.

2. How will the IB diploma classes be serviced for the Fall Semester? Will Gifted Classes be available in the online format for both 5th and 6th grades?

Yes, Oberlin City Schools is committed to our IB program. Students participating in our IB program will continue in all three programs and the e-Learning Option. We are currently working with our staff and IB to ensure students receive a quality program.

Yes, students in Gifted, ELL, and other special programs will continue to receive service in all three plans and the e-Learning Option.

3. How will the online option be run? Will it be OCSD teachers or run by an online academy? Will the student have to be online all day?

No, we will not have an online academy facilitating our e-Learning Program. We will have Oberlin City School teachers providing instruction. APEX will not be the instructor for 6-12 e-Learning. However, like during the school year, some students have to engage in alternative educational options like CCP, Oberlin College Courses, or APEX due to their course selections.

4. In the plan you just posted, there is mention of Level I, Level II, Level III. Are these levels the Ohio Public Health Advisory System levels that are color-coded? Or levels you have created? Will students be required to wear masks when in the school building? Will there be a plan for keeping windows open as much as possible and taking students outside when possible/appropriate?

The plans are not aligned with the Ohio Public Health Advisory System. The Ohio Public Health Advisory System could change several times in a matter of months. This would disrupt education even more for students and parents. We will follow the Lorain County Health Department recommendations and other health agencies prior to changing our levels.

The Governor is requiring students in grades 3-12 to wear mask and all staff members. We will follow these guidelines. We are still working on finalizing a decision (mandatory or recommended) on K-2 wearing mask with safe breaks. We have to ensure that we are able to make a safe mask break procedure. This will be determined this week. We are still putting some of the plan together with recommendations from the Health Department and staff. The district will ensure all air filters, air conditioning units, windows , and other ventilation devices are cleaned and utilized appropriately to enhance circulation.

Yes, we want to provide additional professional development for staff to encourage outside educational opportunities and other creative lessons for students.

5. Thank you for the update. Am I understanding the 3 plans correctly that they are tied to the threat level as defined by the State of Ohio? Meaning currently, we are at Level 3 so e-learning only would be in place? And if learning options are tied to the threat level, does the learning change mid-year if we change threat levels? Thank you.

No, the plan is not currently connected to the Ohio Public Health Advisory threat level. The threat level could constantly change which would require parents and students to make changes instantly. We will follow the Lorain County Public Health Department and Ohio Department of Health recommendations and data on how COVID-19 is impacting Oberlin.

6. What date is the anticipated first day of school for the fall? if the schools decide to re-open and we are required to come to campus, do parents have the right to refuse this? If the school decides to do online learning will the grading be more lenient due to the difficulties of learning online rather than in person?

School is expected to start on August 31, 2020 for all three plans including e-Learning Option.

Students are expected to follow the district attendance policy whether they are participating remotely or onsite. The district will provide technology support for families engaged in e-Learning. All students will be expected to complete academic assignments. Our staff will engage in online professional development prior to the start of school. We will have a better online educational plan in the Fall.

7. Good afternoon, I was wondering if the district is thinking of buying mini plexiglass barriers that students could put up on their desks, as another form of protection. Thank you very much.

We are exploring all options for student and staff safety.

8. Are you going to have a preschool program this year? When will we find out? Will preschool have an online option?

Yes, we will have a Preschool program. We are currently planning the format for the program and if we are able to offer a e-Learning Option. The state has provided different guidelines for preschool than K-12. These guidelines are constantly updated. The district will release a plan soon.

9. What will the online classes be like? Will they be only the computer or will there be a zoom type classroom and interaction with a teacher? How long do we have to agree to before we can change from online to in-person classes? Will my high school students still count as going to Oberlin if they take the online classes to be eligible for the Oberlin College scholarship of free tuition? Our internet is not great. It gets worse when many people are using devices at the same time and we saw problems when the schools closed. How can we get around this? We live in New Russia Township and have Frontier. As far as I know we can't get Oberlin Cable Co-op internet.

Yes, if your student attends our e-Learning Program, they are still part of Oberlin City Schools. High School students in our Remote Learning Program will create a schedule with our guidance counselors. The district will work with families to provide technology access.

10. The athletes of your school were required to attend at least 4 or 5 periods of school in order to participate in their sport of choice. Will the OHSAA being forcing the athletes to be at school those amount of hours during COVID-19? So, if the school is doing e-learning or 2 to 3 day learning and the rest remote what happens with the day of competition? Will they still participate in practice or would it be treated like a snow day? No sports or practice because of the level? Thank you for your time.

OHSAA has developed specific Guidelines for sports. Students are expected to participate in enough courses for eligibility at all three Levels including e-learning. OHSAA will communicate with our Athletic Director on game and practice guidelines.

11. What would be the exact protocol for kids in the school? Recess, indoors, lunch and bus/pick up/drop off? I want to send my children but I am very scared. We moved here late summer last year and they need interaction with others so I feel school is good but the pandemic has me scared of other kids going to school sick too. What would be the protocol if a child goes to school sick? Would the whole class be home for 14 days if the child is or isn’t tested?

We are still working out details. We are working with teachers, staff, and administrators to discuss these items. The district is expected to release much of this information this week. Please visit our website: for the Friday Update. If you have any questions, please contact me.