4th Quarter Survey

Dear Oberlin City School Families,

Oberlin City Schools staff is scheduled to receive the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine on Friday, Feb. 26. For safety, the district has requested that all of our coaching, Ninde, Boys and Girls Club, student teachers, and substitute staff members receive the vaccine. Staff is scheduled to receive our second dose of the vaccine by the end of March.

Currently, the District is developing instructional plans for the 4th quarter. On Tuesday, April 6, our Level II: Hybrid Model will extend to four days a week of onsite instruction for students and one-day remote learning. The Boys and Girls Club Virtual Learning Center will only operate during the one remote learning day. We will still offer Level III: e-Learning Model option for students who wish to continue learning remotely.

With our plan in motion, we are asking for ALL of our parents to please complete the enclosed survey to gather information to plan accordingly. It is vital that all parents/guardians complete the survey no later than Monday, Feb. 22 in order to better serve our students.

And, as always, the District will continue to follow the Lorain County Health Department safety guidelines for schools (practicing social distancing, wearing masks, using Plexiglass shields/dividers, handwashing, etc.).


Dr. David Hall