5th Grade

Exhibition 2021

PYP Exhibition 2021

We are thrilled to announce the unveiling of the Exhibition 2021 websites! Please join us as we celebrate the culminating experience of the PYP Program. All are invited to view the 5th Grade Exhibition 2021 Websites. The projects below represent the interests, passion, and dedication of each and every 5th grade student. We invite you to provide feedback to any of the groups below by clicking on the "Submit Feedback" button below.

PYP Exhibition 2021.mp4

Ms. Beard's Class

Gabrielle, Joshua, Keturah, Blake

Rylee, Annalyn, Brandon, Danika, Aiden I

Cole, Luke, Elijah, Alonzo

Jason, Jayana, Juanita, Evana

Scarlett, Allison, Rose, Aidan R

Ms. Harrison's Class

Gabi, Corwin

Ja'Marion, Kayleigh, Natalie, Draedon

William, Amya, Kachi'na, Kyrielle

Alice, Kaiser, Alexis, Myka

Bella, Mason, Molly, Jayden

Ms. Schulz's Class

Braxton, Genesis, Max, Marcus, Jayden

Joey D., De'Shyana, Bella, Danny

Ava, Asher, Rosie, Cameron

Aiden, Jayda, Joseph J., Derriauna