5th Grade

Exhibition 2020

PYP Exhibition 2020

What A Journey It Has Been!

First and Foremost – we send caring thoughts to all as we face the international pandemic that has touched our lives. May we all take action each and every day to care for others and spread kindness to those around us.

At the beginning of the year we had no idea that we would be ending in a virtual Exhibition. Rather than present our topics and our Action Projects to a live audience as we have in past years, this year students built websites to present their projects to their community.

Here is the Timeline of our 2020 Voyage:

September - February: Building Background Knowledge: Classrooms shared articles on current events from Time for Kids and other news outlets. Students then took the lead and shared articles on topics that mattered to them.

February - March: Students designed the Unit of Study for the IB Transdisciplinary Theme: How We Express Ourselves. The 5th grade classrooms combined their thinking into one planner to guide Exhibition 2020.

    • Central Idea: People take action to change the world

    • Key Concepts: Form, Causation, Responsibility

    • Learner Profiles Terms: Knowledgeable, Open-Minded, Principled, Communicator

    • Approaches to Learning: Organization, Thinking and Research Skills, Self and Time Management

March: We formed Exhibition groups based on students’ passions and interests and each group was assigned a mentor. We then created Exhibition Google Classrooms so each group could collaborate on their projects in and out of school.

And Then We Entered Unchartered Waters...

April - May: We made the sudden transition to distance learning. Groups met in teams with their teachers and mentors in Zoom online meetings to finish research, organize their information, determine their Action Projects and build their websites!

June: We are happy to present Virtual Exhibition 2020 to celebrate the 5th Graders’ capstone project for the Primary Years Programme.

Ms. Harrison's Class

Derek, Tamari, Xavier

Ophelia, Zeke, Hazel, Sebastian

Thomas, Robert, Jaden

Nicholas, Peter, Russell, Alexandrea

Sydney, Patrick, Elliot, Isabella

Ms. Schulz's Class

E.J., Olivia, Sylvia, Blaine

Lilly, Elijah


Hala, Eva, Iyanna

Lia Taylor Timothy

Ms. Jackson's Class

Ada, Cristofer, Liam, Gabe

Aiden, James, Lizzy, Mia

Preston, Brandon, Jesse, Isaiah Larissa, Mavis, Vivian

Amelia, Nicholas, Chris

Kylie, Lucinda, Marcus

Ms. Beard's Class

Brian, Asmit, Anthony, Georgia

Josie, Max, Isaac, Madison

Preston, Brandon, Jesse, Isaiah Larissa, Mavis, Vivian

Eden, Landon, A'Son, Ciara, Joanna

Bodhi, Alex, Evelyn, Amir