Transportation Supervisor: 
Dan DeNicola -
(440) 776-4697
Transportation Assistants: 
Jacquie Dovin -
(440) 776-4551

Pam Carter -
(440) 776-4506

Attention Parents/Guardians:

It is the Oberlin City School district’s policy to bus all kindergarten students as well as all students that live one mile or more from the school they attend. Eligibility status may have changed for children entering the 1st, 3rd, 6th and 9th grades. Please contact the Oberlin City Schools Administration office at 776-4506, 776-4697 or to determine bus eligibility for the upcoming school year. Please note that Space Available and Alternate Stop Requests are non-renewed annually and new requests will not be approved until late September when ridership numbers are confirmed. Thank you!

Meet Our Phoenix Bus Drivers:

Bus 2 - Vacant
Bus 3 - Vacant
Bus 4 - Mikah Jones
Bus 6 - Theresa Klingshirn  Bus Aid - Mary Mitchell
Bus 9 - Nicole Pocock
Bus 14 - Karen Byrd
Bus 16 - Cynthia Stewart

Oberlin City Schools transports over 300 students each day. Getting students to and from school every school day is a huge task and among the most complex responsibilities entrusted to Oberlin City Schools. We take this responsibility as an honor and privilege. We would like to thank you for entrusting your child with us each morning and afternoon.

School bus transportation services are offered to eligible students who live within the boundaries of Oberlin City Schools. The district provides transportation to students living over a 1-mile radius from their home schools. We also provide transportation to ALL Pre-School and Kindergarten students in the district. All of our Pre-School and Kindergarten students receive door to door pick up and drop off services.

Students are expected to be outside at their designated bus stops 5 minutes before expected bus arrival.

Oberlin City Schools - Yellow-Bus Stops

Students are assigned to Board-approved bus stops for efficiency. Routes are designed according to state and district safety operating procedures and industry best practices. Routes are designed to serve the maximum amount of students and keep the trips as short as possible.

Shuttle Information

Oberlin City Schools offer shuttle transportation services for our students who attend JVS, between our schools for AM and PM routes, and to other community programs. Please view our Shuttle Information or call our transportation department at 440-776-4697.

Safety First

School transportation services are designed with the "Safety First" concept in mind. All services meet or exceed local, state and national statutes and regulations. Bus drivers are screened, trained and licensed in accordance with state and national statutes and regulations. Buses are maintained and inspected in accordance with state statutes and regulations. Safety is a continuous process due to changing conditions.

To assure student safety, the district will require parents to complete an Alternate Drop Off / Pick Up Location Form. This will allow the district to have documentation and parent permission safe drop off and pick up locations. The district will review all forms within 10 days. Please complete the form and return it the Oberlin City School Board of Education.

Space Availability Form:

All school buses have a maximum number of students to transport by law. This is to assure student safety while on the bus. If you are an Oberlin City School student and wish to ride on the school bus and live within one of our routes, you will need to complete a Space Availability Form. This form will allow your child(s) to ride the bus if there is space on the bus and do not increase the bus route time. We will review all Space Available Forms in the middle of September. Please complete the form and return the form to Oberlin City Schools Board of Education.

Interested in becoming one our of Bus Drivers, please call our office today at 440-776-4697

Van Training

Oberlin City Schools have purchased a district 9-passenger school van. If district employees wish to utilize the van, they will follow the same procedures as submitting a Bus Transportation request. If able, the district will provide a van driver.  School employees are able to become Van Driver Certified by performing the following task:

Van Drivers Written Exam Dates

Prior to taking the written exam: 

Written Exam Dates

Please bring with you the following to the exam site:

  •        Copy of your Driver License
  •        Copy of your Insurance Card

January 30     5:00 to 7:00   Langston Middle School Cafeteria

March 15        5:00 to 7:00   Langston Middle School Cafeteria

May 10           5:00 to 7:00   Langston Middle School Cafeteria


Transportation Guidelines Summary

JVS Information: 
Pick Up - Bus 14:  7:00 AM
Mid Day - Bus 6: 10:20 AM to Oberlin High School
Mid Day - Bus 14: 11:40 AM from Oberlin High School
Return -   Bus 6:  2:00 PM

Shuttle Information:
Eastwood to Prospect AM
Bus 2: 8:00 am will pick up grades 3, 4, and 5
Bus 16: 8:05 am will pick up later students

Prospect to Eastwood PM
Bus 2: 3:34 pm grades 3, 4 and 5
Bus 16: 3:37 pm later students

Lake Ridge Academy Information:
Pick Up Bus 14: 7:30 am pick up at Oberlin High School 
Return Bus 14: 4:30 pm bus will pick up Lake Ridge students and then arrive at OHS by 5:00