Oberlin SLO Committee

Lauri Brua

Prospect Liaison & Chair

Prospect Elementary School


Extension 2201

Liz Rogel

Board Liaison & File

Oberlin Board of Education


Extension 4559

Lisa Thacker

Langston Liaison & Recorder

Langston Middle School


Extension 3312

John Monteleone

Assistant Superintendent

Oberlin Board of Education


Extension 4553

   Chris Frank

   Langston Liaison & File

   Langston Middle School


   Extension 4651

   Marlee Wobser

   OHS Liaison & Copier

   Oberlin High School


   Extension 5402

Kathy Hilton

Eastwood Liaison and 
Database Manager

Eastwood Elementary School

Extension 1197


SLO Information
All SLOs are due to the OPDC committee by November 10, 2015.  Please give them to your building representative by November 9th as we will be reviewing them the following day.  This includes your SLO template and Student Growth template (one for each SLO).
If you are writing a new assessment, DO NOT GIVE IT WITHOUT THE COMMITTEE APPROVING IT FIRST.  All new assessments MUST be turned in to the committee for approval by October 13, 2015.
If you are planning to give the same assessment as last year feel free to administer.  

Please use these documents attached when writing your SLO

SLO Documents