Prospect Receives Endowment Grant

Prospect Elementary, located in Oberlin, has recently been given a generous grant by The Oberlin City School’s Endowment Board to provide students and teachers with an additional Leveled Literacy Intervention System kit that targets grades 2-5. This kit builds reading skills including accuracy, fluency, and comprehension and gives all teachers the curriculum and materials that support students’ progress in targeted intervention and leveled literacy groups.

The Fountas & Pinnell Leveled Literacy Intervention System (LLI) is a small-group, supplementary intervention designed for children who find reading and writing difficult. LLI is designed to bring children quickly up to grade-level competency. After LLI lessons, students can choose from our Guided Reading Library in order to build their reading stamina when reading independently. These books are picked by the students themselves, giving them lots of choices which becomes a motivator to increase their reading levels. Currently, there is an adequate collection of books that range up to level T of the guided reading levels. 

Without this grant, there would be limited funding to purchase part of the set. This resource benefits all students at Prospect Elementary, and allow everyone access to tools to further develop their reading fluency and comprehension. With more materials, we can increase our implementation of the LLI program. The LLI Program is utilized from Eastwood Elementary to Prospect Elementary and then over to Langston Middle School. Student scores on the statewide AIR tests are predicted to be positively affected providing an impact on the district's report card. By using the Fountas and Pinnell LLI materials, our students will have the tools needed to begin building the foundational skills to pass the test. They will also develop their reading abilities, therefore boosting their confidence.

The impact on our students is huge because along with the growth in ELA/Reading, we see growth in their understanding of Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science. By purchasing this additional LLI set, students will have increased access to appropriate books that can be taken home to read and to finish for classwork/homework. These books can be used to practice a student’s fluency with their parents at either their Instructional or Independent reading levels. This will encourages positive reading traits at home and allows the level to be within the students’ grasp so they don’t become frustrated at home when practicing. 

The primary form of communication found around the world is the use of letters, symbols, and numbers or “decoding” skills. We believe that if our students are unable to master basic reading skills in their elementary years, they are missing the vital foundation skills to ensure future success. As students progress through the grades, their academic success across the disciplines reflects their ability to develop strong and effective reading comprehension strategies. There is a strong connection between students reading comprehension skills and their overall success in schools and the workforce. Reading and comprehending non-fiction materials is an essential requirement for most jobs and generally provides the ability to navigate through life. We thank The Endowment Board for their generous support, and now that we have the resources we need, Prospect feels we can better prepare our students in Oberlin for future success in school, and in life.