KinderCamp Registration
Transition Program to Kindergarten for students registered to start Kindergarten.


June 27-30 (parent work shop Wednesday AM), July 6-7 (no parent workshop), July 11-14 (parent work shop Wednesday AM), July 18-21 (parent work shop Wednesday AM), & July 25-28 (Family Picnic Thursday afternoon)

Monday-Thursday (with the exception of July 4th and 5th) from 8:30 am-12 pm, with lunch until 12:00 noon.  You may choose a provided lunch or you may also send your student with a packed lunch.


Who should come to KinderCamp?

The targeted children are students who are enrolled in Oberlin City Schools for Kindergarten and who might be apprehensive about starting school and making new friends, who may have some separation difficulties, or who are just beginning to recognize letters and numbers. 


What do the children do at KinderCamp?

The program is play-based, with a focus on socialization, pre-literacy skills (rhyming, syllables, letter and sound identification) and number sense.  They will have a snack, recess break and lunch each day.  They will also be introduced to their specials teachers and most of the Eastwood staff they will see every day!


What is the parent component?

Each week, there is a family breakfast for families to have a chance to meet each other and enjoy a meal together. The breakfast is followed by a short parent-workshop to engage in discussions about tips for student success shared by Eastwood Staff.  At the end of the KinderCamp program there is a family picnic.


How do I register?

Complete the form and return it to Eastwood or your preschool by Monday, June 6th.  You will be contacted 2 weeks prior to the program to verify registration and welcome you to KinderCamp!

Email for more information